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A tool or framework used today might be obsolete tomorrow. Our intention is to take a snapshot of the industry, track how it evolved in the past and make an educated guess as to where it’s heading.
Why Do Some Programming Languages Live and Others Die?
In recent years, the search giant has unveiled two new programming languages that seek to improve on some of the most widely used languages on the planet
Why are all programming languages in English?Why are all programming languages in English?
Most modern computer design was done in English language countries but that should not be a limitation
What is ERP system?
(IT) integrates with the core business processes of a corporate house to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives
Gartner warns of cloud contract risksGartner warns of cloud contract risks
Gartner says that the immaturity of cloud services raises several risky issues that CIOs must be aware of when contracting for these services.
Unix vs. Microsoft Windows
Learn how system designs reflect security philosophy
10 things that make software user-friendly
A product that’s difficult to figure out, inefficient to use, or poorly supported is not going to win much of a user base.
Social Media VS Traditional Mediaٍ
Similarities and Differences Between Social Media and Traditional Media
What is SharePoint? developer review
Many people are unclear about SharePoint, Microsoft claims that its technology shift the entire way for every IT-team moves!
What to expect from HTML5 ?
Support for the next generation of HTML is already appearing in today’s browsers and Web pages.
What is Virtualization?
Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization.
10 reasons to use Azure for cloud apps
Cloud platforms are available from various vendors, including Amazon, IBM, and Google. Some experts think Microsoft Azure might be the best choice.
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