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Social Media VS Traditional Mediaٍ
Details: Traditional media, otherwise referred to as industrial media, are generally those things we traditionally think of as “The Media”— newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. CNN, NBC, Hearst, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Sirius, XM, CBS.

They’re also the local TV network affiliates, local newspapers, local magazines, local radio stations. These are the media outlets that have been around for as long as most of us can remember. They’re part of our daily lives, either because we actively consume them or we see others doing so. But social media is different. Instead of being strictly consumers, social media allows people to become producers. Social media provides tools for anyone with Internet access to distribute their own content to anyone who will listen. It changes the dynamic by removing many of the barriers to entry that traditional media have always had.

The main similarity between traditional media and social media is their ability to reach an audience spread all over the world. Traditional media primarily accomplishes this through a lot of money and established infrastructure systems (printing presses, television and radio broadcasting equipment, supply chains, and similar things). Social media, by comparison, is based largely on inexpensive technologies and an existing public infrastructure accessible to just about anyone.

Other major differences between social media and traditional media have to do with the control of information. Magazines, newspapers, and television and radio stations, along with other traditional media sources are expensive to operate and therefore limit who can own them. Social media, on the other hand, is inherently inexpensive and easy to use, allowing virtually anyone with an Internet connection to provide news, information, and opinion to anyone else with an Internet connection.

Social media technologies can be learned by almost anyone. Free tutorials exist for all aspects of computer and Internet usage, including blogging, social networking, digital photography, video creation, and more. Traditional media often requires much more specialized training, which usually requires a large investment in terms of both time and money.

In increasing numbers, breaking news is being released on social networking sites before being covered by traditional news outlets. Part of this stems from having active users all over the world; there’s a good chance one of them will be an eyewitnes to breaking news and report it on sites like Twitter, often linked with photos.
(Internet Famous - By Cameron Chapman - Read other news)
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