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8 ways to increase Ecommerce sales by 10,000%
Details: There are so many factors. Below are 8 things that have without a doubt made an enormous difference.

1. Remove clutter
Too many ecommerce websites are overwhelming. Everything is screaming for the users attention. There are offers, deals and recommended products wherever the user turns. Amongst all of this confusion it is hard to find what you want.

2. Make sure the shopping cart stands out
Too many websites hide the shopping cart away. However, this is a crucial step in shopping and the first of the checkout process. In affect the shopping cart is an ecommerce websites primary call to action.

3. Provide visual feedback
One of the primary questions in the mind of users when interacting with a system like an ecommerce website is “did I do that right?”

4. The bigger the better
An image can say a thousand words. It is therefore unsurprisingly that the product shots on an ecommerce site are massively important. Even if your audience are not the elderly with failing vision, it is still important to have nice, big, clear shots of your products.

5. Make buttons and links obvious
A continuation of the ‘bigger is better’ thinking can also be applied to buttons and links.

6. Always be there to help
An ecommerce transaction raises a lot of questions in the minds of users:

    * Is delivery free?
    * What if I don’t like the product?
    * Is my credit card information secure?

We were determined to address these problems on the WFF (Well-formed formula) website. In the end we settled on three approaches:

    6.1 - The one stop solution: Our first move was to bring together all help into a single section of the site that was prominently displayed in the navigation bar. This avoided the user having to hunt around for different pieces of information.

    6.2 - The getting started guide: We also took an idea from the video games industry and provided users with a tutorial.
    6.3 - Context sensitive help: Finally, we also wanted to provide context sensitive help throughout the purchase process.

7. Handle errors gracefully
If you do not want to lose the sale, you must handle the error gracefully and reassure the user they can still continue. There are several such messages across the website. However, they all have two characteristics in common:

    7.1- The message is highly visible
    7.2- The message tells the user what to do

8. Communicate your value add
The final lesson we have learnt from working on WFF (Well-formed formula) is the importance of communicating what extra you offer customers.

Is that all?
So if you follow these 8 guidelines will you increase your sales by 10,000%? The answer is probably not.
In reality there is a lot more that affects the success of an ecommerce business than its website. There is the ongoing communications, customer service, fulfilment, and marketing to name but four.
The 10,000% increase makes a good title for a blog post! However, the percentage growth is not really the point. What matters is that by following the advice here you will be guaranteed to see growth and that is what matters.

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broadbander   11/30/2009 11:32:48 AM
2 ARTICLES in one days! go a head itplans, need more

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