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Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make
Details: So in this post, we look at 10 critical mistakes freelancers make. Hopefully, if you haven’t already made one of these mistakes yourself, you can learn the lesson behind it.

1)    They Don’t Use A Contract

2)    They Misuse Social Media (Or Don’t Use It At All)

3)    They Put Quantity Over Quality In Their Portfolio

4)    They Stop Learning

5)    They Don’t Know How To Deal With Clients

6)    They Fail To Prepare For Dry Spells

7)    They Overload Their Plate

8)    They Miss A Deadline (And Think It’s No Big Deal)

9)    They Lack Confidence

10)  They Go To Work For Someone Else

Some people tell themselves that freelancing was all along a stopgap to some greater dream, but true freelancers find that pill hard to swallow. For some, that might be true, but then those people were not freelancers so much as temporary independent contractors.

Freelancers crave the freedom that comes with the ’lancing. Still others believe they can work for someone else and maintain their freelancing on the side. In theory, this might appear viable. The reality is harsher: freelancing is full-time. It is a way of life, and turning it into a part-time job spells trouble.

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